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I have no idea what the last thing I blogged about was.  It’s been a while.  Let’s just say… I’ve been on the move.  I almost feel like I need to look back through my calendar to remind myself what all I’ve done over the past month.  

Let’s see… I have had some girl’s nights.  Always fun. They have ranged from a night of dancing to the country music to drinking wine in my kitchen to just having dinner.  Elizabeth and I did a wine and canvas painting extravaganza, turns out… painting a picture while drinking wine is hard.  Real hard, you guys.  Needless to say, neither one of us are likely to be selected as the next Bob Ross.  Shoot.  You know its real when even your own mother doesn’t really want to hang your painting up.  Ha! Besides girl’s nights, I have several lunches with friends (if you haven’t noticed, my social life revolves around food…that’s what I’m good at), attended state wrestling, brunch at my parent’s house, bought new running shoes, and sprung the clocks forward.  

The two bigger details are what I would like to spend a little more time on.  First off… I have added more to my schedule on the group exercise instruction calendar.  I am currently scheduled to teach 3 cycling and 3 cardio strength classes a week.  (this is around my full time job) I just added an additional cycling class… this is due to suddenly being an instructor short so we all scrambled to pick up the slack.  I also just added the additional 2 CS classes, however these additional two only go through May.  I am teaching these at a college and they just go through the end of the spring semester.  All in all, I shouldn’t have a problem getting a work out in!

The other piece that I am excited to talk about is… The Move Project (my good friend’s non-profit that I’ve spoke of before) had the first annual Indoor Water Ride yesterday to help fund a city in West Africa with clean water.  Riders were able to sign up for hour long cycling spots.  Each hour was led by an instructor.  I was lucky enough to be able to help with this by leading one of the time slots.  It was a great event that allowed The Move Project to write a check for the clean water well that is desperately needed there.  There was also a special guest who rode each of the 5 hour long time slots.  He is originally from Ghana and was able to speak to us and explain just what a difference was being made with this ride. There is an outdoor ride scheduled for May 17, 2014 in Des Moines.  It will be a great ride as well.  I am looking forward to helping with it.  

As for the rest of my Sunday, I think I will be having a little girl time.  Possibly a load or two of laundry and some R&R.  I keep checking the snow piles to ensure they are getting smaller… Spring has got to get here soon.  Until next time… chow.

The Move Project | Water

Get up and get moving!!  Help fund clean water in Africa!  There are still spots available for the March 8th Indoor Water Ride.  The Move Project along side the Indianola YMCA are hosting their first ever indoor cycling ride to raise money for clean water in Ghana, Africa.  100% of proceeds go straight to the people of Ghana. I am only asking you a very small favor.  Please give me one hour of your time and a $22 entry fee to help fund this project.  If you want to help and are unable to ride, you can sponsor a bike or another rider!  Its so easy to make a big impact.  Find a friend and join me!  I will be leading the 12:30-1:30 time, but there are other time slots open too!  Can’t wait to see you on March 8th!

Triathlon Weekend

Time flies when you’re having fun I guess.  I have been trying really hard to do a better job of blogging.  Even when I don’t have much to say… it just helps bring a little peace.  Sometimes words just need to be spoken.  I don’t really even care if anyone reads them or not.  Heck, some days it would probably be better if you didn’t…

The last couple weeks have included lots of fun.  There has been girl dates of wide varieties from dinner, lunches, drinks, hair dying, and more drinks :) I have introduced a friend to cycling, watched/listened to live music preformed by a friend’s band and competed in a triathlon (which I took second in my age).  

It was a very short indoor triathlon.  400 yard swim in the pool, 10 mile bike ride on a spin bike and 2 mile run on the treadmill.  I have always said to be a swimmer is a huge advantage in a triathlon.  Sunday did not fail that belief of mine.  I honestly did not train for the swimming portion.  I swam one time.  One time! I am not sure if I over estimated or under estimated my skills, but either way… it all worked out.  I finished the swimming leg first in my heat, so that was fun.  However the real excitement came when I discovered I finished the swimming leg second over all.  There was ONE guy who beat my time.  He was in the heat before me.  I watched him swim and could tell he was doing a good job, but it never even crossed my mind that I could have given him a bit of a challenge. Oh well… now I know for next time to not play it safe on what I think I should be able to do in a race.  Had I estimated a little more accurate time I might have been in the first heat instead of the second.  That’s ok… it was fun to feel really fast in my heat.  Next was the bike… my legs were still doing pretty good when I got there cause I used mostly upper body for the swim.  I held a pretty even pace for the ride, once again finishing faster than I expected.  I was estimating myself at 20 minutes for the 10 mile ride.  I beat that time by almost two and a half minutes.  So that was neat.  However… the run is where I faltered.  I didn’t have a slow time I wouldn’t say, but when you compare it with the people who had faster run times… it seemed like a big difference.  I don’t know that it was necessarily my legs that didn’t like it, more I was concerned about my breathing.  The spin room was plenty warm and I had been focusing a lot on keeping my breathing under control in there.  So when I got ready to run, I think I was still hesitant.  Besides the run was two miles… that is how long it normally takes me to get in the groove anyways.  So I guess as long as I keep teaching cycling as much as I have been and hop in the pool every now and then… I better focus on my running.  

I finished this weekend with Sunday FUNday at Alicia and Philips’s house.  We had wine and nachos.  It was fantastic.  The worst part about great weekends… when those Sunday blues hit and Monday comes.  Today was a long Monday.  It wasn’t bad or anything, just long. However I do have Friday off this week…. but just because I have to work Saturday.  Oh well, just how it goes I guess.  I don’t have lots of fun stuff planned for this weekend that I am already look forward to.  So until I have some more good stuff to type about… have a great week!

Later nerds.

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