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Wow… so its actually been months since I have written a post.  I have been busy, but not up to much.  Just working and teaching and living.  I already know this is going to be random so I won’t even try to act like its not.  I just have a couple things I wanna talk through… mostly to myself.  

First… Everything is going to change at some point.  For one reason or another.  There are somethings I don’t like change in, then there are others that I charge into it head first.  I know I have discussed before that I will likely never be satisfied.  I am always looking for that next level.  Throughout the days, weeks, months and years that next level can come in a variety of places.  Some days I am really looking at advance my career, some times its my fitness and health, other times is my relationships/life values.  I think young people settle to early.  I slipped into that settled location one time.  I was young and dumb.  Every since then… I have decided that isn’t going to happen again.  There is always more out there to achieve, you just have to go get it.  Here lately, I have been anything but settled!! I recently got back into my lifting routine.  I had taken some time off as I was just overwhelmed and couldn’t find the time.  Or so I thought.  But to be honest… I was just in a rut.  I have been back in the weight room and loving it.  I think this drive was powered again by my need to bust through the wall at work.  My job is a lot day in and day out.  The demands and requirements are far more than what I’m paid for, but dang it… if I’m going to be there I’m going to keep pushing to show I have earned my way and lead from the front of the pack.  I think a lot of people my age, or sadly younger, get into a rut and stay there.  For far too long.  I don’t understand how someone can look to the future and see basically the same life they have now.  Don’t they want more? Don’t you want to improve and make it better? I do.  I want to be in better shape, I want to have a better paying job, I want my family and friends to look at me for leadership that they will easily find by example.  Young people need to stop thinking they have reached their prime and just accept where they are.  

I spent the other morning at the Y.  I had the day off work and went to work out about 8:30am.  I never get to go to the Y at this time because I’m always at work.  Let me tell you about this… talk about a different age group than I am used to.  Lets just say… many of them could have been my grandparents.  It was entertaining, but slightly frustrating.  They don’t exactly understand the concept of headphones in, means no talky talk.  So I chatted as them as I pushed through my workout.  One of the older guys asked me if I had kids.  Of course my answer was no.  His next question almost caught be off guard.  It was… What does your mother think of that?…. uhhh… my mother has 10 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.  I think she is good.  I will never understand why people have to assume I have some sort of defect because I don’t have the desire to have children.  I like kids well enough.  They seem to like me, but I like for them to go home at the end of the day…. and I don’t mean to my home.  The only logical reason I can see for this reaction is… They don’t know many (or any) independent young females.  I bet his jaw would have hit the ground if I would have told him how I own my own house, pay my bills and even *gasp* mow my own yard.  Is it really that crazy of a thing? Most days it still seems like it.  Maybe I’m selfish, maybe I’m the rebel child, whatever it is… it works for me.  Speaking of selfish… I am.  I have been.  I wasn’t always.  Things have happened to lead me into it.  I have noticed lately some changes that are leading me to believe I am starting to get back to not being entirely self centered, but its a slow process.  It takes trust, honesty and patience.  I figure the positive side is, it is something I recognize.   I am working on it, but not forcing it.  I believe it will be more real if it just happens.  

Anyways… just some thoughts I had in my brain.  I am not going to settle. The grass is greener where you water it, so keep putting in the effort.  A good life is yours for the taking. 

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